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Charlotte's story

As a long distance walker had noticed a deterioration in my ability to walk distances without pain hitting in in my groin after 20 miles....... over an 18 month period this grew worse with pain in my hips and lower back in bed at night which nothing could alleviate Saw my doc numerous times during this period with pain arriving in ankles, upper arms, neck etc which rendered me in tears because so painful. She just prescribed anti-inflammatories which did not help at all.....could not turn over in bed, walk down the stairs towards the end..... dress myself etc .

In this period my elderly mother had decided to stop eating so effectively starving herself to death I, along with my family , watched her deteriorate and eventually die..... three weeks after her funeral my sister and I and our husbands, travelled to Cumbria to scatter her ashes as she had requested.
A walk of only four miles, albeit uphill and in pouring horizontal rain, was the turning point for me and I could not walk this without crying in pain and inability to walk at all.

Saw my doc upon getting back because pain and inability to walk was worrying me..... she prescribed, yet agian, anti-inflammatories and requested I see a physio privately as NHS waiting times two months...... this I did and the physio immediately called my doc and told her she needed to refer me urgently to a rheumy asap..... this was in June and I finally saw him as an urgent referral in October

He diagnosed osteoarthritis and a back problem.... referred me for an MRI and this showed nothing wrong whereupon he diagnosed PMR!!

I fit the 'symptom' picture for PMR although my doc has subsequently told me she thought I had RA!!!
So with the lesser of the two evils I have to celebrate my PMR

Seeing rheumy week after next ...... see my doc every three weeks and at least she is open to things I say to her..... handing over BSR guidelines in the morning so hopefully she will see I cannot do 1mg a week reduction!!

At the beginning of my PMR journey and when it is over, don't want to be one of those who have to re-start so want to take it slowly and carefully.

Lovely day today and have pottered in the garden, probably doing too much and will pay for it tomorrow!

But hey ho, what will not kill you will make you stronger

Take care everyone xx

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