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Catie's Poem

I'm never too sure if there is any merit in my ramblings and this is the first time I have been brave enough to send one anywhere. All I can say is that they always totally reflect my feelings at the time of writing.  - hope someone there likes it. I'm a very basic poet!!



One lonely, dark and starless night
I thought I saw a soul in flight
A dear departed, lost and gone -
How I wished I'd been the one
To leave this life so full of pain
lost dreams and hopes: to live again
Where freedom rules and dreams come true

But something said 'not you, not you'

And as I watched, appeared a star
A tiny light - it seemed so far
It shone and glimmered, grew and grew

And someone said 'not you, not you'

'It's dreams and hopes you've lost tonight
Not life itself; why, that's still bright'
When dreams and hopes are dead and gone
Wait for the dawn - the morning sun
brings others; shiny, bright and new
And with them, just a tear or two
for something gone - but, no, not you.
Quietly shifting, life just changing gear
But not life lost - see, I'm still here.

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