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Our Mission, Aims and Objectives


We offer a support and information service for people diagnosed with PMR and /or GCA and their carers as they meet the challenge of managing a new lifestyle brought about by these conditions.


To establish a support network for people which provides an information and guidance service (under the guidance of our Patron Professor B. Dasgupta who is Lead Medical Advisor to PMR-GCA UK and the Medical Advisory Panel) for PMR and/or GCA sufferers and their carers.


  1. To raise awareness of PMR and GCA
  2. To provide a telephone and e-mail enquiry service
  3. To stage regular meetings where sufferers and their cares can exchange experiences and ideas and invite relevant guest speakers to meetings.
  4. To keep our members up to-date via the publication of a twice yearly newsletters
  5. To facilitate and contribute to research into PMR and GCA
  6. to provide an online forum for sufferers
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