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It's easy to join our group simply download, complete and return an application form. Membership fee of £12.00 per annum

All new members receive a welcome pack which consists of our DVD "You are not alone", our booklet "Living with PMR&GCA", a pansy badge, a steroid record booklet, our latest Newsletter  

Any information you provide to us is held strictly in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998

Why you should join

Many who suffer do so alone and it need not be so. You probably left the Rheumatologist or your Doctor’s Surgery feeling relieved at being finally diagnosed.

Your Consultant or Doctor will have explained that PMR is not life threatening and can burn itself out within two to three years.

You’ve probably never heard of PMR or GCA or know anyone else who has it. You may be wondering what it is and how you are going cope with this bewildering condition. Need omeone to talk to?  Join us. We have been and are  in the same position as you.

You are not alone!

Reading booklets and leaflets whilst essential for understanding the illnesses are sometimes not enough.

Family and Friends have, in all probability never heard of it. You look fine, as though there is nothing wrong with you.  They will be as bewildered as you. Trying to explain it to them can be difficult, especially as you are just learning yourself and trying to understand it all.

There is nothing like a chat with fellow sufferers who are experiencing some or all of the symptoms and side effects as you. They have learnt how to cope day by day, the highs, the lows, the agony and the relief.

PMR & GCA whilst not life threatening can destroy your present quality of life.

Our support groups hold regular meetings and we will direct you to the nearest one to you. There is a membership fee but this can be waived. No one will be turned away and we encourage and welcome your family, friends or carers to accompany you to meetings.

Some meetings will have guest speakers, there is a telephone help line for a chat, grumble or just to ask the question that has been puzzling you.

All meetings are held on an informal basis and a cup of tea or coffee will be available.

Support and Self-help we have found is an essential aid to managing PMR & GCA. So fill in the form and join us -  together we will get through this trying time.

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